Official Zorro Products Now Available on Redbubble

Zorro Productions now has our own official shop with Redbubble, featuring designs with Zorro logos, comic pages, and other great official Zorro art. Visit our Redbubble page here to see some of the options available!  

“Zorro: Swords of Hell” Vol. 1 Now Available from American Mythology

  The inaugural issue of American Mythology’s new horror-themed adult comic series featuring Zorro, “Zorro: Swords of Hell,” is now available! Written by David Avallone and with art by Roy Allen Martinez, the issue features four different collectible covers, and a story line that sees the masked hero going up against an army of undead […]

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of ‘The Mask of Zorro’

July 2018 marks 20 years since the release of ‘The Mask of Zorro’! Celebrate with this piece from Yahoo Entertainment, where star Antonio Banderas explains how the film flipped the standard “Spanish villain” Hollywood formula: “I was with my cape and my mask and I was looking at the bad guy, Capt. Love,” Banderas noted […]

Jonas Cuaron Set To Direct Zorro Reboot

February 14, 2016 Variety announced today that Jonas Cuaron, writer of Gravity and son of award-winning director Alfonso Cuaron, is slated to direct the futuristic reboot Zorro Reborn. The film is set to shoot later this year. Read the full announcement on Variety here.  

Sobini Aims To Shoot Zorro Reborn In 2017

The Hollywood Reporter writes that Sobini Films, in partnership with Lantica Media , could begin shooting the futuristic Zorro reboot as early as March of 2016 in the Dominican Republic.   Read more here

Zorro The Chronicles Can Be Viewed Around The World

Zorro: The Chronicles Home Page Zorro: The Chronicles airs in the following countries: Scandinavia: Svenski Filmindustri Germany: Kika, Kinderkanal France: Citel, France Televisions, Turner, TV 5 Monde Denmark: DRTV Brazil: Globosat USA: Hulu Poland: ITI Neovision Singapore: Mediacorp PTE Netherlands: Netherlands Public Broadcasting Indonesia: PT. Spectrum Italy: RAI Belgium: RTBF, Vlaamse Spain: RTVE Quebec: Societe […]