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“Out of the night a hero must rise with courage that even a mask can’t disguise!” So begins the adventures of ZORRO—swordsman, scientist and relentless defender of the oppressed.In early 19th century Spanish California, a corrupt Alcalde (mayor) grows rich by terrorizing the good people of Los Angeles. Young and dashing Don Diego de la Vega (Duncan Regehr), pretending to care only for science and study, secretly creates a bold alter-ego: Zorro—the Fox. Aided by his mute servant Felipe, inspired by the faith of the beautiful tavern-keeper Victoria, and carried into battle by the mighty steed Toronado, Zorro thwarts the Alcalde’s plots at every turn.Filmed entirely in Madrid, Spain, ZORRO aired on The Family Channel for four seasons, from 1990-1993. Still a tremendous fan favorite, ZORRO is renowned for its swashbuckling family friendly adventure as well as its top-notch cast of featured characters and guests, including Efrem Zimbalist Jr. & Henry Darrow as Don Alejandro de la Vega, Daniel Craig, Andre the Giant,Philip Michael Thomas, Jesse Ventura and Adam West.

For the first time ever, all 88 episodes have been collected in one DVD set, including a bonus disc with classic ZORRO films, an alternate series pilot and much more.



The ruthless Alcalde (Michael Tylo), will stop at nothing to unmask his nemesis, the master swordsman Zorro. No one is safe, not even the beautiful tavern owner Victoria (Patrice Camhi) who finds herself framed for murder in the very first episode.But only the young deaf-mute servant Felipe (Juan Diego Botto) knows the truth—that the black-clad avenger is, in reality, Don Diego de la Vega (Duncan Regehr). Even Don Diego’s father, wealthy landowner Don Alejandro (Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.), doesn’t suspect his mild, scholarly son could possibly be the bold protector of the innocent known as Zorro!

Season 1 sees Zorro thwart one dastardly scheme after another—from trumped up murder charges to monopolizing the water supply; illegal press gangs to enforced slavery; even a pair of matrimonial flimflams—and includes a special four-part origin episode entitled “The Legend Begins.”



With each deft stroke of his sword, the legend of Zorro grows—as does the fury and desperation of the Alcalde. The stakes are higher than ever: Victoria is shot. Diego falls to a desert viper. Zorro’s fencing master becomes prey to bounty hunters. Even bumbling Sergeant Mendoza (James Victor) finds himself in danger—of a broken heart.Season 2 begins with a fan-favorite episode, in which an eccentric inventor named Wayne (Batman’s Adam West) matches wits with the world’s first “caped crusader.” The episode also features the endearing Henry Darrow, who takes over the role of Zorro’s father, Don Alejandro. The season finale brings another meeting of titans, as Zorro, traveling in France, crosses swords with the Three Musketeers.This star-studded season features unforgettable turns by entertainment icons Doug McClure (The Land That Time Forgot), Warwick Davis (Willow), Peter Postlethwaite (Amistad) and stuntmaster Peter Diamond (Star Wars) as well as wrestling superstars Roddy Piper (They Live) and Andre the Giant (The Princess Bride).


Meet the new Alcalde, even worse than the old Alcalde…

Following the harrowing events of the end of Season 2, Los Angeles needs a new mayor. Things look promising as an old school chum of Diego de la Vega arrives with a nomination from the Spanish king. But the new Alcalde Ignacio De Soto (John Hertzler) quickly shows his tyrannical colors, threatening to keep the town’s elite in jail until Zorro is caught. Things go from bad to worse for the struggling pueblo of Los Angeles, as they face marauding banditos, extortionate taxes, debtor’s prisons and anti-Indian bigotry. But their oppressors soon learn a hard lesson: preying upon the helpless earns the wrath—and the mark—of Zorro! Patsy Rowlands (Tom Jones), Jesse Ventura (Predator), Tim Reid (It) and Bernard Kay (Doctor Zhivago) also make memorable appearances.



Personal crises make life even more complicated for Zorro as family, friend and foe come closer than ever to discovering his secret identity. The eternal love triangle between Victoria, Diego, and Diego’s alter-ego Zorro takes a dramatic turn. And it appears Diego, Don Alejandro’s “only son,” might have a brother after all! The fourth and final season of Zorro pits the hero against more sophisticated and ruthless foes than he’s ever battled before—including a bitter sibling with the authority to ruin everything the de la Vegas have built in California. But as always, Zorro draws strength from the love of Victoria, aid from the valiant Felipe, and speed from the mighty stallion Toronado. The villains learn that the people of Los Angeles can always count on “one who’s larger than life and defender of all. He’s the one who strikes back for the poor and oppressed. A hero… whose name is Zorro!” Daniel Craig (Casino Royale) appears in one of his earliest roles. Other prominent guest stars include Patrick Drury (Father Ted), Peter Guinness (Doctor Who) and Oliver Cotton (Shanghai Knights).

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