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Zorro Productions has licensed over 65 comedies, dramas, children's plays, ballets, musicals and more. Below are twelve of our favorite productions, currently available for licensing.

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Written by Rebecca Northan, Bruce Horak, and Christian Goutsis
Directed by Rebecca Northan

When Zorro’s arch nemesis, Capitán Juan Ramon, escapes a California prison and flees across the ocean to a tiny Spanish town – the masked crusader is hot on his heels, ready to see justice served once and for all… But nothing can prepare our aging hero for an encounter with a mysterious swashbuckler who also calls themselves “Zorro”!

A swashbuckling, adventure-filled comedy about family, honour, and choosing the mark you want to leave on the world, with roles for children, teens, and adults.

Suggested for ages 5+

Alberta Theatre Projects is a Calgary-based, not-for-profit, professional theatre company that celebrates the art of live theatre. From its home in The Martha Cohen Theatre at Arts Commons, the company produces world-calibre shows with a focus on idea-driven new works, plays by Canadian playwrights, and contemporary theatre from around the world. It is also a national leader in new play development and dramaturgy.




Written by Davey Anderson
Directed by Douglas Irvine

A mysterious figure has arrived in town.

A flurry of a cape, the glint of a sword and a flash of a mask; who is this baffling character? Exciting friend or formidable foe?

If you are looking for some swash buckling fun, come and lock swords with Zorro. Watch as our masked champion ricochets from one sticky situation to another in a world where adventure is the name and justice is the game!

Watch out for ‘Z’s scratched into the dust, it might mark the start of a thrilling escapade . . .

For all intrepid adventurers!





The Latino comedy trio Culture Clash‘s premiere  of Zorro in Hell at Berkeley Repertory Theatre during March and April 2006 garnered rave reviews.  The show moved to La Jolla Playhouse from September 30th through October 29, 2006 creating guffaws and more triumphant reviews.  This set the stage for a commercial run at The Ricardo Montalban Theater during the summer of 2007, from July 11 to Sept 15, 2008.  Once again, critics lauded the show and audiences doubled over with laughter.

Culture Clash is the country’s leading Chicano/Latino theatre and comedy troupe.  Originally commissioned and produced by Berkeley Repertory Theatre, the La Jolla Playhouse Theatre, and Zorro Productions, Inc., the comedic trio takes on the iconic hero, El Zorro, the fox, viewed through their lens as social satirists.

California was born from a clash of cultures and now, Culture Clash explodes the romantic myths surrounding its creation. Employing their usual irreverence, the trio takes on this legend to explore contemporary questions of homeland security in the Wild West when Anglo-Americans struggled with such issues as Mexican immigration, Indian gambling and a governor born on foreign soil. At long last, it’s a Latin look behind the mask of this mainstream icon created by an Irish American. Zorro rides out of the pages of pulp fiction, through the Hollywood image machine and beyond the barriers of class, race and ethnicity to become a hero for the oppressed in every land. Both history and histrionics play a role when Zorro is unsheathed!




From the daredevil imaginations of Ballet Fantastique’s acclaimed producer-choreographers Donna Marisa and Hannah Bontrager comes ZORRO® The Ballet, re-telling the famed legend of the masked Diego de la Vega, better known as “El Zorro” (“The Fox”).

ZORRO’s® swashbuckling setting—with its great rivals from worlds of privilege—sets the stage for the choreographers’ mischievous exploration of the hero’s complexities. There is Diego, lover of peace and wisdom, as well as Zorro, force of change, clever trickster, famous lover. And of course, ZORRO® features Ballet Fantastique’s trademark live original music, with gypsy-inspired music by the LA-based Latin fusion band Incendio and virtuoso violinist-composer Kim Angelis.



Smuin Ballet


Michael Smuin has been a vital force in dance since becoming a Principal Dancer and choreographer with San Francisco Ballet. He has danced on Broadway, toured internationally and appeared on television and in film. He served as Principal Dancer and Resident Choreographer for American Ballet Theatre before directing the San Francisco Ballet from 1973-85.  Michael was instrumental in raising the company’s profile in the international arts community, including staging a performance at the White House and many “Dance in America” programs on PBS. Among his many awards in dance, Michael has been honored with a Tony for his work on Broadway on Anything Goes.  His film credits are extensive and his television work has received Emmys for Romeo and Juliet, The Tempest, and A Song for Dead Warriors.  Mr. Smuin’s ballets are currently in the repertories of major dance companies around the country.

Composer Charles Fox has created an engaging score for the new Zorro ballet which will be recorded in Prague. A prolific and versatile composer, his work includes scores to over 50 television films and motions pictures, including his first film, Goodbye Columbus.  The ballet score for A Song for Dead Warriors, commissioned by the San Francisco Ballet, was the first collaboration between Charles and Michael.   Charles received  the BMI Richard Kirk Award for outstanding life achievement and an Emmy in 1973 for his score to the television film Love, American Style, a Grammy for the international hit Killing me Softly With His Song, among numerous other awards and nominations.

The Zorro libretto is a first for writer/director Matthew Robbins who has had a long career in film as writer, conceptualizer, and director for such films as Batteries Not Included, Dragonslayer, The Legend of Billie Jean, The Sugarland Express, and most recently, Mimic. He frequently directs commercials for George Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic.





Allard and Holdridge’s production of Zorro was performed at Washington DC’s Constellation Theater in 2013. The Washington Post said of it, “Constellation augments its classical thrust in a thoughtful way with ‘Zorro,’ which continues the company’s laudable efforts at delivering intimate theater with high standards for design.”




Zorro is written and scored by award-winning playwright, composer and director Wayne Scott. It opened in Lifehouse Theater, a Redlands, CA-based company in 2009.




Michael Harris’ traditional telling of the Zorro story includes optional magic tricks, and its large cast size makes it ideal for a high school or elementary school production.



BCT Poster


A play based on the 1919 novella “The Curse of Capistrano” by Johnston McCulley, Zorro! took the stage at BCT in October, 2010. Concentrating on Culture and History, your senses will be bombarded and delighted as you are immersed in exciting Hispanic music, dance, costumes and, of course, impressive action scenes with the “Fox” himself, Zorro! Lesson plans focusing on Hispanic culture and the history of settling the Missions of California will heighten the stage experience.





Erik Norberg’s Swedish-language production is exciting, thought provoking and entertaining.



Rhine Henson Promo Cropped


Rhine and Henson’s action-packed script will leave the whole family entertained.





This quirky, modern-day Zorro has off-beat jokes and characters, making it perfect for a college or black-box production.

“New take cuts a swash worth its buckle” (Denver Post).



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