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If you are interested in obtaining a license to use the character Zorro in/on your products, please contact us at zorro@zorro.com. Zorro Productions, Inc. (ZPI) does not accept unsolicited materials for development in film, television or other media including publishing. We publish only through standard publishing houses. ZPI does not enter into license agreements for self-published works. The unauthorized, unlicensed use of the name, character and/or likeness of "Zorro" is an infringement and a violation of state and federal laws. ZPI, at all times, reserves its rights to take any and all legal action necessary to protect its trademarks and copyrights against infringement.

Featured Product of the Month: Hero Zero




The 10 million players of Hero Zero will be able to purchase the items Zorro is most known for, such as his mask, his sword and his whip thanks to a collaboration between Zorro Productions, Inc. and Iconicfuture.  Iconicfuture has previously integrated world famous brands such as Shaun the Sheep and the Italian soccer club AC Milan into online and mobile games. Founded in 2011, the company streamlines the process of offering and acquiring branded items by matching appropriate right holders and developers with a unique business model. Further services provided by Iconicfuture include analytics such as usage tracking,monitoring adherence to guidelines, and handling reports and payment.