Zorro The Chronicles Can Be Viewed Around The World

Zorro: The Chronicles Home Page

Zorro: The Chronicles airs in the following countries:

Scandinavia: Svenski Filmindustri

Germany: Kika, Kinderkanal

France: Citel, France Televisions, Turner, TV 5 Monde

Denmark: DRTV

Brazil: Globosat

USA: Hulu

Poland: ITI Neovision

Singapore: Mediacorp PTE

Netherlands: Netherlands Public Broadcasting

Indonesia: PT. Spectrum

Italy: RAI

Belgium: RTBF, Vlaamse

Spain: RTVE

Quebec: Societe De Telediffusion Du Quebec

Middle East: Al Jazeera

Switzerland: SRG

Sweden: SVT

Thailand: Thai Public Broadcasting Service

Norway: TV2

Finland: YLE

Portugal: Dreamia

Latvia: Latvian Television

China: WeKids

Korea: Key Intermedia

India: Amazon

Vietnam: Viet Content


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  • lucifar says:

    Can u start the kaiketsu Zorro And made another season of that because we like that animated cartoon in our childhood and still we like him and if u do something start it again and also re new it and make another season of that please sir we are thankful to u…..

  • lucifar says:

    and zorro the chronicles will also be good but kaiketsu zorro was the best of all

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