Django/Zorro Issue #2 Out Today

December 17th, 2014   In anticipation of the Transcontinental Railroad, Archduke of Arizona Gurko Langdon has enslaved the natives for labor on a state-wide railway, while he waits for the United States to honor his claim as sovereign of the territory, per the Treaty of Hidalgo-Guadalupe. Learning of the archduke’s injustice to the people of […]

Django/Zorro Issue #1 Out Today

Featuring a story by Oscar Award-Winning Writer/Director, and Django creator Quentin Tarantino, and award-winning writer/artist/creator Matt Wagner! The official sequel to Django Unchained in the first-ever comic book sequel ever done of a Tarantino film!Set several years after the events of Django Unchained, Django/Zorro #1 finds Django again pursuing the evil that men do in […]

Tarantino Talks Django/Zorro at Comic Con

July 27th,   Director Quentin Tarantino appeared at a panel this Sunday at Comic Con to discuss Django/Zorro, his upcoming collaboration with longtime Zorro comic writer Matt Wagner.   “I loved this idea, not only because I like western comics in general, but I also loved Zorro in all his iterations, whether it was the Disney series […]

Quentin Tarantino to Co-write Zorro/Django Crossover Comic with Matt Wagner

June 18, 2014   Renowned filmmaker Quentin Tarantino is writing a crossover epic in conjunction with DC Comics and Dynamite Entertainment. Django Freeman, from Tarantino’s Oscar-winning blockbuster Django Unchained will be joining forces with Zorro for a comic series due later this year.     Read more here    

NPR’s Latino USA Runs Piece On History of Zorro

May 2nd,   Latino USA ran a great piece on how California’s historical figures shaped Zorro and how Zorro went on to influence dozens of iconic superheroes. If you’re interested in California history or the history of superheroes, you should definitely check it out!   Listen to the full program here Listen to the Zorro […]


April 19th,   Originally introduced from Matt Wagner’s epic Zorro Rides Again epic series, comes Lady Zorro #1 this July from Dynamite Entertainment!  The series is written by Alex De Campi, working with Dynamite for the first time.  Lady Zorro #1 is drawn by Rey Villegas and has a beautiful cover by Joseph Michael Linsner. […]

Chris Boal signs on to script Sony’s Zorro Reboot

March 7, 2014   Sony Hires Playwright Chris Boal to write the screenplay for their latest ZORRO feature project–an adaptation of Isabelle Allende’s lauded 2005 novel. Rumors indicate that Boal’s script will be a grittier, more emotional telling of Zorro’s origins. Still no word yet on who will play the masked hero this time. Who […]