Zorro Comics

Zorro has been appearing in comics since the 1940s, with reprints and original stories printed worldwide. With stories published by a variety of the best names in comics, including Dell Comics, Western Publishing, Le Journal de Mickey, Topps, Dynamite, and most recently, American Mythology, Zorro's amazing exploits have inspired readers for generations, and will continue to do so for years to come.


Sean Gordon Murphy (creator of DC’s Batman: White Knight universe) brings his signature style to the legendary masked vigilante, ZORRO!
Don Quixote meets Narcos in Sean Gordon Murphy’s Zorro: Man of the Dead four issue mini-series. In this modern reimagining, the writer-artist behind DC Comics’ Batman: White Knight uses his signature style to deliver a fresh take on the legendary swashbuckling hero.

The project was able to raise over $300,000 on Kickstarter.


American Mythology is a new comic book publisher with an impressive early line-up of titles, including fresh, new titles, and comics based on beloved licenses, including The Three Stooges, Stargate: Atlantis, and the Pink Panther. Some of American Mythology’s contributors include Eisner-award winning artist Mark Wheatley, J.C. Vaughn, Andrew Mangum, and James Kuhoric.

American Mythology’s classic Zorro adult horror series pick up after the end of the events of Curse of Capistrano, and sees the masked hero face off against undead conquistadors, evil brujos, and other supernatural threats.  Each series also features several special artist variant covers for each issue. American Mythology is also reprinting classic Zorro tales from Dell and foreign publishers, including some never-before-seen in English stories in their Zorro: Legendary Adventures series, and will be presenting a fresh new take on Lady Zorro in 2020.

American Mythology is also the publisher of The Mark of Zorro: 100 Years of the Masked Avenger, a new art book celebrating Zorro’s centennial in 2019.

Visit American Mythology’s website to buy and pre-order comics, as well as see information about upcoming issues!


Zorro: Swords of Hell

4 Issues

Set just after the events of the original Zorro origin story, The Curse of CapistranoSwords of Hell finds Don Diego being called upon to again take up the mantle of Zorro when a legion of supernatural swordsmen attack Los Angeles, led by a monstrous jaguar brujo with ties to one of Zorro’s oldest enemies! This swashbuckling first entry into American Mythology’s supernatural Zorro series saw the hero fighting alongside his oldest friends to destroy a new evil that threatened all of California Volume 1 was published in October 2018, with further volumes released through Spring 2019. Written by David Avallone, with art by Roy Allen Martinez and colors by Enrica Angiolini.


Zorro: Legendary Adventures

Zorro: Legendary Adventures collects vintage Zorro comics like Western Publishing’s 1960-70s French editions to present an authentic approach to the heroic exploits of Zorro. These stories have never been seen in English and deliver unmatched action with beautiful illustration in two volumes with three issues each.


Zorro: Sacrilege

4 Issues

Zorro: Sacrilege features Zorro taking on human corruption and a supernatural evil that rises in a remote mission in the wilds outside of Los Angeles. Sacrilege  is written by Mike Wolfer, and features art by Mauricio Melo.


Zorro: Masters – Alex Toth Vol. 1

Celebrate 100 years of Zorro with stories illustrated by one of the all-time comics legends: Alex Toth! This special series delivers some of Toth’s best, classic Zorro work and is a virtual master class in comic art, composition, and storytelling.

Available July 2020

Zorro: Rise of the Old Gods

4 Issues

The sea holds many dark secrets, but when the horrors of the deep invade the surface realm, only Zorro stands between them and the grueling future of the risen old gods! Swashbuckling adventure meets Lovecraftian terror in a series that pits Zorro against the unrelenting hordes of Cthulhu. Volumes 1 and 2 available as of Winter 2019, with 3 and 4 scheduled for Spring 2020.

AM Archives: Mark of Zorro #1 (1949) 

Dell’s classic Four Color #228 presented the first ever Zorro comic book back in 1949!  Celebrate Zorro’s centennial with a look at his comic book origins with this special issue.


Dynamite Entertainment, the publishing division of Dynamic Forces, Inc., was founded in 2004 and is home to several best-selling comic book titles and properties, including Red Sonja, Green Hornet, Project Superpowers, The Boys, Army of Darkness, Battlestar Galactica, The Lone Ranger, Zorro and more.

Dynamite’s Zorro printing program included:


DZ1 Cover Francavilla


6 issues

Featuring a story by Oscar Award-Winning Writer/Director, and Django creator Quentin Tarantino, and award-winning writer/artist/creator Matt Wagner. Django/Zorro is the official sequel to Tarantino’s film “Django Unchained,” as well as the first-ever comic book sequel ever done of a Tarantino film.





32 issues, 5 story arcs

Dynamite Entertainment launched its first ZORRO series in February 2008 with this adaptation of Zorro, a novel by internationally renowned novelist Isabel Allende.




12 issues

The one and only Matt Wagner (MAGE, GRENDEL)  returned to conclude his epic story of Zorro in this series, which also saw the first appearance of Lady Zorro.


Layout 1

5 issues

The Lone Ranger investigates the murder of his mentor in this first crossover comic for pop-culture’s most-famous masked heroes.



4 issues

Featuring a thrilling script by the legendary Don McGregor and incredible art by Mike Mayhew, Matanzas is a classic Zorro adventure – presented here for the very first time!


Masks 1a


6 issues

This pulp crossover extravaganza features Zorro alongside The Green Hornet, The Shadow, Black Bat, Miss Fury and more.


Lady Rawhide Iss 1 Cover 130710


5 issues

Introduced by Topps comics as a sidekick to Zorro, Lady Rawhide has since become a popular character in her own right. In 2013, Dynamite presented their own spin on the hero with a five issue story by Eric Trautmann.

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