Licensing Zorro®

Gain worldwide brand recognition -- choose Zorro® for your next business endeavor.

"Mark it with a Z" and you will never have to look back!

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Whether you’re licensing a restaurant or creating a robotic cake cutting tool, the Zorro® brand will help you get the worldwide recognition you need. Zorro is an instantly recognizable charismatic Latin hero with cross-generational appeal, known throughout the globe as a hero seeking Justice for All! His name is synonymous with his mask, his sword, his whip, and his trademark Z.  

Zorro means “fox” in Spanish, which by definition is positively associated with:

  • A clever or crafty person.
  • An attractive woman or man.
  • To trick or fool by ingenuity.
  • To outwit by cunning.

Zorro® products have spanned the categorical merchandising spectrum, including but not limited to purses, backpacks, clothing, shoes, household décor, sunglasses, watches, jewelry, perfumes, toys, commemorative swords and knives, games, puzzles, educational product lines, books, comic books, restaurants, ice cream parlors, advanced robotic machinery, alcoholic beverages, computer games, apps, food and drink products, and artwork.

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Zorro Productions, Inc. (ZPI) does not accept unsolicited materials for development in film, television or other media including publishing. We publish only through standard publishing houses. ZPI does not enter into license agreements for self-published works. The unauthorized, unlicensed use of the name, character and/or likeness of “Zorro” is an infringement and a violation of state and federal laws. ZPI, at all times, reserves its rights to take any and all legal action necessary to protect its trademarks and copyrights against infringement.