‘Zorro’ TV Series Follows Palais Premiere With European Deals — Mipcom Cannes

Ahead of its world premiere tonight, the Zorro TV series adaptation has landed a trio of European deals, as Mediawan Rights leans further into big-ticket IP.

M6 Groupe in France, Mediaset in Italy, DPG Media’s TVM channels in Flemish-speaking Belgium and RTL Klub in Hungary have acquired the series, which is a Secuoya Studios production for Amazon Prime Video in the U.S, Latin America, Spain, Portugal and Andorra. Other deals are in negotiations.

The ten-part series premieres tonight at the Grand Auditorium in the Palais des Festivals, with the screening of the the iconic franchise’s reinterpretation followed by a Q&A with actors Miguel Bernardeau (Elite), Renata Notni and Dalia Xiuhcoatl and executives including Secuoya Studios’ Sergio Pizzolante.


Read the full article: https://deadline.com/2023/10/zorro-tv-series-european-deals-premiere-mipcom-cannes-1235573663/

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