‘Zorro’, the blockbuster from Secuoya Studios, will be available on Prime Video for all territories in January

Users in Spain, Portugal and Andorra will be able to enjoy the series from January 25 

The official Key Art of the series starring Miguel Bernardeau and Renata Notni is revealed, which will advance its premiere to January 19 in Latin America and the United States  

Prime Video has revealed the poster and release date for ‘Zorro’, the blockbuster from Secuoya Studios. The 10-episode series, which will offer adventure and action lovers a new vision of this legendary vigilante, will be available on the platform for the territories of Latin America and the United States on January 19. A few days later, on January 25, users of the platform in Spain, Andorra and Portugal will be able to enjoy it in full. 


‘Zorro’ stars Miguel Bernardeau (‘Elite’), Renata Notni (‘Mal Criados’), Dalia Xiuhcoatl (‘Luna Negra’), Emiliano Zurita (‘La Cabeza de Joaquín Murrieta’), Andrés Almeida (‘The Savour ‘ of Christmas’), Cuauhtli Jiménez (‘Finlandia’), Elia Galera (‘El Cid’), Paco Tous (‘La Casa de Papel’), Rodolfo Sancho (‘The Ministry of Time’), Cristo Fernández (‘Ted Lasso’), Francisco Reyes (’30 Coins’), Luis Tosar (‘All the Names of God’), Fele Martínez (‘Under Therapy’), Ana La Yevska (‘Dra. Lucía: An Extraordinary Gift’) and Cecilia Suárez (‘The House of Flowers’).  


Created and written by Carlos Portela, ‘Zorro’ has Javier Quintas (‘La casa de papel’), Jorge Saavedra (‘Néboa’) and José Luis Alegría (‘Toy Boy’) in the direction and with David Cotarelo, Ángela Agudo, Sergio Pizzolante, Carlos Portela David Martínez, John Gertz, Andy Kaplan, Jesús Torres -Viera and Glenda Pacanis, in the executive production. 

‘Zorro’ represents an exciting adventure full of action, bravery and the spirit of a new vigilante in a constantly changing society. Diego de la Vega (Miguel Bernardeu) is chosen to be the new Zorro, but his sole purpose is to unmask the murderers of his father and bring them to justice. As he takes on the role of Zorro, Diego not only fights for justice in Los Angeles, but also discovers the challenges of being a hero and how his role affects 19th century California.

  • Thon says:

    Okay, I am hooked on this new Zorro. I am about to enjoy episode eight. I am asking Diego not to put that mask away…. Remember the words from The Mask of Zorro, “Any man would be proud to wear the mask of Zorro”….. Thanks for bringing him back…

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