Zorro’ Series Reboot: Mediawan Rights Drops First Teaser of Mipcom Opener (EXCLUSIVE)

Mediawan Rights has unveiled the first teaser of the anticipated “Zorro” series reboot which is directed by Javier Quintas (“Money Heist,”“Sky Rojo”) and is set to premiere on opening night of Mipcom.

Produced by leading Spanish company Secuoya Studios, the show marks the IP’s big television comeback almost two decades after its last live-action adaptation. The Spanish-language series will have its premiere screening at Mipcom on Oct. 15. Prime Video has already bought “Zorro” for the U.S., Latin America, Spain, Andorra and Portugal. Mediawan Rights is repping other territories.

Set in 1834 Los Angeles, “Zorro” stars Miguel Bernardeau, (“Elite”) in the eponymous role playing a new version of Diego de la Vega. Bernardeau stars opposite Renata Notni (“El Dragón: Return of a Warrior”), a rising young Mexican talent, as Lolita Marquez. The cast is completed by Dalia Xiuhcoatl, Paco Tous, Emiliano Zurita and Joel Bosqued.

“Zorro” is executive produced by John Gertz, founder of Zorro Productions Inc. and producer on “The Mask of Zorro” and “The Legend of Zorro” movies, alongside David Martínez, David Cotarelo, Sergio Pizzolante and Angela Agudo for Secuoya Studios, Andy Kaplan for KC Global Media and Jesús Torres and Glenda Pacanins at NoStatusQuo Studios

The 10-part show was written by Carlos Portela (“Velvet Collection”) and directed by Javier Quintas (“Money Heist”), Jose Luis Alegría (“Toy Boy”) and Jorge Saavedra (“Mr Smith and Mrs Wesson”).



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