France Télévisions, Disney+, CBS, Amazon Prime Video… The masked vigilante is preparing his comeback.

French newspaper Le Figaro reports:

France Télévisions has launched a major project that relies on Jean Dujardin to embody the vigilante in a series of eight forty-minute episodes.

“We are always looking for spectacular and family projects, confirms Manuel Alduy , director of cinema
and international fiction at France Télévisions. The project that Marc Dujardin submitted to us through
his company Le Collectif 64 is exactly in line with the channel’s promise: to bring together young and old
around a series of adventures. For the past year, France Télévisions has been developing this project
with a budget of 20 million euros and the shooting of which should take place in the fall in Spain. “Jean
Dujardin is going to camp a Zorro who has aged a little, specifies Manuel Alduy . He will also be subject
to a couple crisis. But he still continues to live in late 19th century Los Angeles. It is the screenwriter and
producer Benjamin Charbit who plays the show runner of the series. Dujardin is our French star. He will
make the event. We are trying to make an adventure comedy with a Zorro who has the depth and age of
Jean Dujardin, and not a young first in the skin of the hero of the night. Dujardin has this ability to
embody mythical heroes. It will add a touch of humor. In terms of notoriety, he is undoubtedly in
balance between Jean-Paul Belmondo and Alain Delon.


Benjamin Charbit , “show runner ” of the Zorro project with Jean Dujardin, “With this project born four years ago,
shortly before confinement, we want to dust off the character a little without damaging it. What does
Zorro have to tell us in 2020? With Marc Dujardin, I saw the possibility of directing a sophisticated
comedy between Lubitsch and Billy Wilder, my cinema idols. Above all, knowing that we are French, we
wanted to pull the project towards the cloak and dagger aspect, between La Tulipe noire and Cartouche.
The angle of adaptation is very French and it leans on a more elaborate vaudeville. We will position
ourselves between the heritage of the Disney series while taking a side step towards a more modern

comedy. It must be champagne, this series. It must sparkle at all times, in fun and action .” As for Jean
Dujardin, “it’s like a Stradivarius, concludes Charbit . The first time I saw him, he said three lines to me
around a table during lunch. And I was dying of laughter. It was twice as good as the text. Dujardin in
Zorro, it’s natural. He’s kind of a Fairbanks heir. He has this elegance, this panache, this luminous side,
which suits the solar aspect of the character well.


Read the full article on Figaro’s website.

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