Double Combo Games unveils a new board game project: The Secrets of Zorro.

Double Combo Games, the creative team behind the acclaimed game Mage Noir, is proud to announce its next major project: a board game based on the timeless icon, Zorro.

Today, Double Combo Games partners with ZORRO Productions, based in California, USA, to bring back Zorro, the beloved masked avenger of all generations, in a cooperative board game. Designed to bring families together and captivate seasoned players, the game promises an immersive experience. Jeffrey Jeanson, who made significant contributions to the illustrations and visual aspects of Mage Noir, will oversee the artistic direction and illustration of this new project, ensuring the same level of care and elegance.

The game ‘The Secrets of Zorro’ comes at a time of renewal for Zorro, with two new television series planned for 2024 – a first series aptly titled ‘Zorro’ on Prime Video from January 2024, starring Miguel Bernardeau (from the ‘Elite’ series) in the titular role, and a second series later in the year, with Jean Dujardin, winner of Best Actor Academy Award, as Zorro.


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