Rafael Amargo


A young flamenco dancer with a great trajectory behind him, Amargo is expert in the purest essence of flamenco, but at the same time he is a daring bailaor with the desire and ability to do new things.  He is especially facile as a choreographer, the aspect of dance in which he claims to be most comfortable. His first teachers were Mariquilla and Maite Galán, in Granada; he later perfected his style with Alejandro Granados, Ciro, Manolete, El Güito, Antonio Canales and Adrián Galia. Rafael Amargo was able to complete this training with his experience as a solo dancer in the dance companies of Antonio Canales, El Güito, Luisillo, María Rosa, Mario Maya, Rafael Aguilar, La Chunga and in Karine Saporte´s contemporary dance company.  He also spent time in Japan where he danced in the prestigious Flamenco tablao, and was choreographer for Japanese dance companies including Yuirko Yoda´s, Etsuko Saito´s and Chizuko Otsuka.

Amargo started his own company, Nacencia, in 1997.  He has demonstrated his quick and efficient style in at creating stage shows and easily strikes up a connection with the audience.

The reputation he has earned is such that Rafael Amargo realizes choreographies on order: for the Nuevo Ballet Español, with Rafaela Carrasco and Florencio Campos, and for the opening of the Festival de Teatro Clásico (Classical Theatre Festival) in Mérida in the year 2002.


His dancing has been critically acclaimed.  In 1996 he won the First Prize for Dancing in the Concurso Nacional de las Minas de la Unión (Murcia). In 2002, he received two Max Awards for Dramatic Arts: Best Male Dance Performer and Best Choreography for Amargo.