Dynamic Forces: Zorro

Dynamite Entertainment, the Number #1 independent comic company, launched its ZORRO series in February 2008, with an adaptation of ZORRO, a Novel by internationally renowned novelist Isabel Allende. Her tale created the backstory for the Spanish California defender of justice.  Matt Wagner has artistically woven Allende’s tale into the storyline of a classic Zorro saga.  Iconic imagery and dramatic storytelling characterize the series.

Dynamite has earned a reputation in the comic world for developing high quality, new content for well-known brands.  Zorro joins Xena, Battlestar Galactica, Terminator, Highlander and The Lone Ranger as  prominent, well-received series from the company. Their original series Army of Darkness and Red Sonja, introduced in 2004, drew raves from readers and put Dynamite on the map.

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