The Curse of the Capistrano

August 9, 1919   This is McCulley’s earliest ZORRO story, The Curse of the Capistrano, published in six weekly issues, commencing on August  9, 1919.   It was later republished under the title, The Mark of Zorro.  There was little in the story to guide the artist’s hand in depicting ZORRO in a way that is […]

The Further Adventures of Zorro

May 6, 1922   Note that in The Further Adventures of ZORRO, not only did the artist’s vision differ wildly from what we understand of the character today, but also the publisher misspelled the name (ZORO), and referred to a forthcoming film by Douglas Fairbanks that was never made.  

Zorro Rides Again

October 3, 1931 McCulley’s second ZORRO story. Zorro Rides Again, October 3, 1931.  Again, Zorro’s iconic look had yet to be established.