Isabelle Allende

Join internationally recognized author Isabel Allende for the "sinfully entertaining" story of how Diego de la Vega became the world-famous hero known as Zorro.

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Internationally recognized author Isabel Allende (House of the Spirits, Eva Luna, Daughter of Fortune, Paula, The Infinite Plan, City of Beasts) has completed the classic story of how the young Diego de la Vega became Zorro. Her imaginative tale creates the historic legend with dramatic intensity. It weaves together Spanish history, California history, mythic folk tales, salty sea voyages, pirate adventures, Native American lore and more.

Isabel’s literary genius has been recognized by The American Academy of Arts and Letters, where she was selected as a distinguished member in 2004. She was also appointed a Hans Christian Anderson Ambassador for the Danish author’s bicentennary in 2005.



Allende has rooted her story in a re-creation of Latin California and remade her hero, Diego de la Vega, into the first real all-American hero. … A picaresque novel with postmodern flourishes, the sinfully entertaining Zorro is serious fiction masked as a swashbuckler.Allen Barra

Allende’s mesmerizing narrative voice never loses timbre or flags in either tension or entertainment value. To describe her as a clever novelist is to signify that she is both inventive and intelligent.Booklist (Starred Review)

Allende’s tale risks but resists descending into melodrama at every turn. The up-to-date, even postmodern ending makes for a nice touch, too, and will gladden the heart of anyone ready in his or her heart to carve a few Zs into the bad guys.Kirkus Reviews

One of those rare and perfect matches of subject and author….
Chicago Sun-Times

Rippling with humor and energized with a storyline so robust that it swings from the chandeliers, Zorro is great fun….[A] big, sprawling story, superbly told. Allende…succeeds in breathing new life into this decades-old character…Miami Herald

While reading Zorro…you are sure that you are enjoying the story of the best kind of hero….So you turn the pages, cheering on the masked man. You love him. You want him. But then Allende nudges you, and you aren’t quite so sure.Los Angeles Times

Allende is a beguiling storyteller, and Zorro provides a rich palette for her customary embellishments.Library Journal

This is a full-blooded retelling of the old masked-man legend, and it crackles with action.Fort Worth Star-Telegram